Mr. Gold
Mr. Gold is an orange tabby born sometime in the fall of 2013. Born an outdoor kitten, Mr. Gold was determined to fulfill his dream of becoming a fancy, indoor-only house cat, which he accomplished by melting our hearts with his cuteness and sweet kitten demeanor. 
Mr. Gold has enough spicy cat-titude to last a lifetime. His intelligence far exceeds any expectations of normal intelligence found in most cats. He comes from a genetically strong line of powerful female cats with bold personalities. His mom was a spicy calico and his grandma was a mean black cat. His great-grandma was Queen, rightly named so, as she protected all the cats in her colony from large (and small) dogs, opossums, humans and any other potential threats.
 Mr. Gold's hobbies include biting, sleeping, chasing lasers, eating treats, scratching up couches and chairs, and sitting in front to the TV when you are watching movies or playing video games. His favorite YouTube channel is Michael Jamison, who owns the zoo house in South Africa with tigers, cats, dogs, and many other animals.